About Us

Young Associates

Young Associates was founded in 1976 by Herb and Maxine Young. After moving from Connecticut to Texas, they began their venture into the toy business with one line called Jerry Elsner. They realized the Dallas Market Center was the place to be and moved into the World Trade Center. Over the years, more lines came to them and they quickly gained the respect of both stores and vendors.

At one point, all members of the Young family were part of Young Associates. Herb trained many successful sales reps, some of whom went on to form sales agencies of their own. Over time, several vendors sent their own kids and sales managers to shadow Herb on sales appointments. They would learn the art of selling toys. Herb and Maxine both mentored new sales agencies that popped up in the U.S. They were known as the go to people for advice.

Bill Young, their son, left the company in 2006 after selling toys for 20 years. Teri Young took over the company in 2007 as principal. Herb and Maxine continued to work until their retirement in 2012.

Young Associates believes that our customers are the most important part of the business and it is them we actually work for. We strive to represent lines that provide a wide array of products for Toy, Gift, Nature, Zoo, Aquarium, Museum, Educational, Hobby, Juvenile Clothing, Furniture, Comic, Souvenir Stores and more.